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An “electro-endoscope” for combined imaging, photocontrol and electrical recording

Sending light and recording electrical activity in deep brain structures using optrodes

When optogenetic tools for controlling neural activity came into play in the late 2000s, it became obvious that hybrid probes for delivering light into the brain and recording photoevoked activity simultaneously would become a basic component of the optogenetic toolkit. And this for at least two reasons. First, microelectrode recordings are still the golden standard for measuring neuronal firing, surpassing by far optical sensors at least at the single cell resolution and millisecond time scale. And second, electrical recordings are and will probably remain the ultimate readout of the efficiency of optogenetic activation and inactivation protocols. In other words, the only way to show that your optogenetic activator or silencer does the job is to directly record its effects on neuronal firing.

Various types of optical⁄electrical probes for deep brain photostimulation and recording. Top left: An optical⁄electrical probe having single optical fiber and single electrode. Bottom: Three types of single optical fiber–multiple electrode combination. Bottom left – wire-wound tetrodes are combined with an optical fiber. Bottom center – “Michigan probe” integrated with an optical fiber. Bottom right – “Utah” multi-electrode array combined with a tapered optical … Continue reading

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